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It's time for us to re-think our perceptions of interactive. It's no longer just an add-on to the bottom of a media plan. The ability to reach and engage consumers makes interactive one of the most powerful mediums we've ever had access to. So instead of simply trying to figure out where it fits in your communication strategy, perhaps you should ask yourself if you're actually getting the most out of your interactive marketing.

Sure, we can do flashy websites.
But only if a flashy website is grounded
in sound marketing principles designed
to achieve specific business goals.

For most people, "interactive" basically means websites and banner ads. But there's so much more to interactive than just that. We know. We've done everything from mobile media and e-mail campaigns, to game design and development, to interactive kiosks. We love to work. In fact, you'll find that we do a lot more "doing" than talking. We're resourceful. We're creative. And we have a solid understanding of marketing and how that translates to the many different technologies that can be used to build brands - both large and small.

Where exactly do we fit in? Well, the full
answer doesn't exactly fit in a headline.

We realize that every situation is unique. So, we've developed a number of different ways of working based on what our clients really need. We can be a your interactive agency responsible for strategic development and production. We also have experience working with traditional ad agency and internal IT department on larger campaigns to seamlessly round out the interactive portions. Whatever the case, we're flexible, we're non-linear, and we're continuously evolving. You could say that the way we work is a lot like the nature of interactive itself. Call or email us. We'd love to come in and talk about how we can help you.

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